From Surviving to Thriving

Hello! I’m Salma Khan and
I am your Divorce Coach.

About My Coaching

Having experienced the trauma of my own divorce, I know all too well the feelings of loneliness, despair and sadness that you may be feeling right now. At the time, I felt like my life was truly over.

I am here to tell you that your life is not over. It is a chapter of your life that is over.

Taking control of the challenges that lie ahead and recovering from the heartache starts with YOU taking control of your current situation.

I work with both men and women to support, guide and mentor them to reclaim control and gain clarity at a time when you will need it most. You may be in the early stages of considering separation, in the midst of divorce proceedings or looking for closure.

Wherever in the process you are, it is a lonely place.

As your coach I will support you throughout your journey and ensure that you have the tools and techniques to reach your destination. I will hold confidential space for you so you are able to decide what your next steps will be. I will assist you to empower yourself and move forward with confidence and grace.  Together we will rebuild the blueprint to your exciting new future.

Are you ready to break through the pain, sadness and confusion to reclaim your power and emerge as the best version of yourself?


My Story

Looking back over the last 7 years, I wish I had had the support of a coach to help me rebuild my life.

I spent many years lost and feeling stuck, engulfed by sadness and pain. This was despite having the most amazing circle of support around me.

I was financially independent so I was not worried about being able to support myself and my two young children.

I had the most amazing parents, family and friends network that carried me through those dark days.

Being Muslim and Asian, I didn’t feel pressured into continuing on the road to destruction.

I had a fabulously supportive manager that I worked for at the time, who I would often ring up at 9am and just say ‘I cannot face the world today’ and he would say ‘ok’

My children were young enough to take the upheaval in their stride but old enough to understand and accept that life as they knew it had changed.

Despite this, the trauma of divorce felt like my heart had been ripped out of my body. It almost destroyed who I was, who I wanted to be and I was engulfed by guilt, failure, low self-esteem, depression and every other negative emotion. You name it, I felt it! But most of all I felt alone. There were years of therapy, endless days of tears and after simply ‘existing’ for what seemed like forever, my life began to move forward.

I found an inner strength that allowed me to RECLAIM the person I had once been.

I found the power to RE-INVENT myself and become the person that I was now going to be.

I began to RE-LIVE.

I won’t lie and say it was easy. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But I did it!

This is the reason I decided to train with the UK’s leading Divorce Coach – Sara Davison.

I am now proud to call myself an accredited Breakup and Divorce Coach.

I learnt a lot from my divorce and my biggest passion now is to help both men and women get through this dark period with a commitment and conviction to themselves.

How Can We Work Together?

1:1 Coaching session


Tailored set of 1:1 coaching sessions providing a non-judgemental and safe space for you to work through the issues most important to you and empowering you to take control of the decisions you make.

Group Coaching

Small groups of 6-8 women to provide support, growth and a community to help you rebuild your life post-divorce through a combination of weekly group coaching sessions and workbooks. Find your tribe.

Digital Products

Not ready for coaching? The downloadable workbooks are designed to help you work through your challenges from the comfort of your desk and in your own time. Support available.